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Confined in shoes all day, our feet do not have an easy life. For a lifetime, they take us up to 4 times around the world. It is therefore not uncommon to experience some significant pain or ailments at their level.

Based on the feet, the body is composed of a multitude of segments forming one. Pain directly to the feet or elsewhere (ankles, knees, hips, back…) can also be caused by them.

This is why it is important to check with a chiropodist to make sure that your feet are not the cause of your pain. As a podiatrist, a specialist in foot conditions and their repercussions on the upper parts of the body, I can offer you the following advice:

Care treatments

  • Foot care
  • Orthotics
    • Orthoplasty
    • Orthonyxia
    • Onychoplasty

Biomécanichal analysis:

  • Walking, running and posture analysis
  • Making sole
  • Taping

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There are diffent types of care:

Foot care

At first, it is a care of the feet that will be necessary if you have pain in the feet (ingrown nails, horns …). This includes observation, analysis, care and thorough cleaning of your feet, as well as advice and possible treatments to keep them healthy. The treatments offered are usually based on essential oils. The ultimate goal is to get back “healthy” feet, not painful and as aesthetically pleasing as possible.


Secondly, and in some cases, I can suggest the making of a custom orthotic to avoid/remove pain, recurrence or even the evolution of deformities.

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Foot care

What is it?
Foot care is an “maintenance” of the ffet (nails, skin) to ensure their good health.
What does it allow?
It eliminates the pathology and therefore the pain and possible infection caused by it. Providing care when you have a recurrent condition also does not aggravate the pathology over time and therefore the pain. It involves cutting and milling nails, cleaning furrows and skin, as well as treating nail and skin diseases with actions, advice and certain pathologies through essential oil treatments.
For who? 
Everyone, from young children to the elderly.
Patients at risk: diabetics, vascular pathologies, rheumatic diseases, neurological disorders.
Healthy, pathological feet.
When can I take care of myself? 
  • Ingrown
  • Cor/durillon
  • Mycosis (nail/skin)
  • Wart
  • Wound care/ulcer

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In the case of certain pathologies, I can propose the manufacture of a custom orthotic to avoid/remove pain, recurrence or to correct or prevent the evolution of nail or joint deformities. These are different orthotics are painless and cannot prevent you from continuing your activity. There are three kinds, all of which have a different purpose:




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What is it?
It is a silicone orthotic, custom made directly on your foot to correct deformities and overlapping toes.
For who?
Everyone, from young children to the elderly.
When can I wear an orthoplasty?
  • Hallux valgus, quintus varus
  • Toe claw
  • Partridge’s Eye
  • Conflict between the toes

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What is it?
Orthonyxis is a titanium wire orthotic, discreet and totally painless fixed on the nail.
What’s it doing?
It helps to straighten the abnormal/excessive curvature of a nail by getting as close as possible to the physiological curvature of a healthy nail.
It therefore eliminates pain and prevents recurrences of ingrown toenails or peri-ungual corns caused by the convexity of the nail.
For whom?
This equipment can be installed from 6 years-old.
When can I have an orthonyxia?
  • Ingrown
  • Volute nail
  • Asymmetrical curvature of the nail
  • Ungueal perineum
For information:

To make the device even more discreet you can cover it with a varnish. So spend a pleasant holiday without complex and any pain in the feet.

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What’s it? 
Onychoplasty is a ungueal medical resin prosthesis designed to reconstruct/replace a more or less important part of the ungueal tablet.
What is it doing?
This discreet, aesthetic and completely painless prosthesis replaces a missing nail, guides and facilitates the regrowth of the new nail. But also to prevent the deformation of the furrows, the formation of horns and the incarnation of the nail.
For whom?
Everyone, from young children to the elderly.
When can I wear an onychoplasty?
  • Fill a missing part of the nail (caused by trauma, a cor under agueal, an ingrown nail, an nychomycosis…) for an aesthetic or non-aesthetic purpose.
  • Guide to the good regrowth of a nail
  • Preventing furrow deformation
  • Hide a fungus temporarily while stopping its development.
For information:

To make your medical nail even more discreet you can cover it with a varnish. So don’t be afraid, take out the sandals.

Mes services > L’analyse biomécanique

Biomechanical analysis

We are not necessarily aware of this, but our feet are connected with our whole body. You may therefore feel pain in your feet or elsewhere that comes from a podal disorder. To understand the origin of your pain, a biomechanical analysis should be performed. This biomechanical analysis allows you to detect the mechanical abnormalities that your body encounters in your lower limbs and to see and understand if these disorders are the cause of your pain.
Depending on the results of the exam, I will redirect you if necessary or make CAD CAM measuring insoles. In a rare situation, and only to relieve you in the very short term, I can tap or offer you a treatment based on essential oils.

Walking, running and posture analysis

Making CAD CAM soles


Mes services > L’analyse biomécanique > L’analyse de la marche, de la course et de la posture

Walking, running and posture analsysis

What is it? 
Biomechanical analysis involves analyzing walking, running, and your posture to detect the origin of your pain. Depending on the results of this examination, I will be able to propose or not the preparation of a pair of CAD CAM measuring insoles that will aim to correct the cause of your pain and thus relieve you.
This review includes:
  • A clinical examination (i.e. a palpatory examination)
  • A morphological examination
  • A series of tests (muscular, ligament and joint)
  • An analysis of your walking and running
  • Measuring your fingerprints if a pair of soles is needed
For whom?
Everyone, from young children to the elderly.
In which case is it intersting to do a walking, running and posture analysis?
  • Chronic foot pain (toes, sole of foot, heel, kick, plantar apotheosis)
  • Tendonitis
  • Periostites
  • Fractures
  • Chronic pain in the knees, hips, or back
  • Abnormal gait (feet inwards, foot outwards, flat feet, hollow feet, knees in X, arched knees, etc.)
  • Growth diseases (Sever disease, Osgood Sclatter, Renader, etc.)
  • Leg length inequality

Mes services > L’analyse biomécanique > La confection de semelles CAD CAM

Making CAD CAM soles

What is it? 
A CAD CAM sole is a custom-made functional sole that helps correct your posture by changing the distribution of body weight pressure on your feet, also altering muscle and joint work. This then helps to annihilate the pain. It is made, thanks to software, before being machined by a robot, which allows a precise and optimal preparation of the sole. It is then, manually reworked to get a nice finish. I use EVA technology to gain more comfort in the shoe and not have to change them every year.
The use of soles requires regular monitoring:  
  • 2 weeks after the exam, during a consultation, I will give you your soles and advise you on use and maintenance.
  • 2 months after the delivery of your soles, during a consultation (free), I will check the proper functioning and adaptability of your soles.
  • Every year, during an annual consultation, I will check the proper functioning and adaptability of your soles. If any pain appears before this appointment, contact me before that date.
For information:

  • Bring the shoes you wear most regularly (city, sports, safety shoes, etc.) as well as a pair of worn shoes.
  • Take your additional tests (radio, echo, MRI, CT scan, etc.) in relation to your reason for consultation.
  • Take comfortable and adequate things (shorts, underwear) to run and to be able to properly observe your knees, pelvis and back.

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    What is it? 
    Taping/strapping is an adhesive band used to relieve functional discomfort or pain in acute or chronic benign musculoskeletal structures.
    What is it doing?  
    Taping is used as a short-term preventive and curative measure. Its purpose is to control excessive movement in order to reduce mechanical stresses.
    For whom? 
    Everyone, from young children to the elderly.

    In which case is it worth asking a taping?
    • Injury prevention (soreness)
    • Acute injury (plantar aponévrositis, sprain, tendinitis of the Achilles tendon/posterior tibial, tarsal canal syndrome…)
    • In the rehabilitation phase
    • Biomechanical disorder (excessive pronation, hallux valgus…)
    • Some fractures