Practical information

Pratical information

So that the consultations go well, please follow this guidelines:

Pratical - sanitary guidelines:

  • Remove your nail polish (For care consultation)
  • Bring your daily shoes (it includes city, sports or work shoes)
  • Bring your old orthotics and/or soles if you’ve had them in the past
  • Bring your possible further tests (radio, echo, MRI, CT scan…) in relation to the reason for your consultation
  • Take comfortable and adequate clothes (short, underwear) to walk/run in order to properly observe the whole body (For biomechanical analysis consultation)

More information

Time of sessions

• Foot care(1h)
• Orthotics (30 min)
•Walk analysis( 1h)
• Soles (30 min)
• Taping (30 min)


Consultation are only by appointment, by:
• Phone at 0484/03 49 07
• Mail at

Payment method

• Cash
• Your bank's application bancontact (by QR code)


If there is a delay, please let me know via:

Cancelling a consultation

Please cancel your consultation no later than 24h before the consultation.


Refunds are specific and depending on the type of consultation and the mutuals. Please check with your mutual for any refunds.